Dr David Lynch awarded highest civilian honour of France

1 October 2007

Dr David Lynch, renowned film maker, has been honoured by the President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, with the Legion d'Honneur (Legion of Honour) during a grand ceremony at the Elysee presidential palace in Paris on 1 October. In recognition of David Lynch's outstanding contributions to the film industry, President Sarkozy bestowed the highest degree of the Legion d'Honneur, the title of 'Grand Officer', which is rarely received by foreigners. Dr Lynch was the only one to receive the Grand Officer level of the Legion d'Honneur among all those receiving awards that day.

By re-arranging the rigorous protocol which is standard for such occasions, President Sarkozy was able to meet Dr Lynch privately before the presentation. Dr Dominique Lemoine, Administrator of Maharishi's programmes and Founder of Invincibility for France, was also summoned to the private meeting with the President. Dr Lynch had prepared a beautiful speech, which included an invitation to the President to establish a Tower of Invincibility in Paris and to adopt the programmes of the Global Country of World Peace to make his nation invincible.

In his speech, Dr Lynch said, 'Mr President, I have been doing films so far but I want to change the face of the world. I came across a scientist who can create invincibility, Dr John Hagelin'.

The President asked Dr Lynch to explain invincibility, and Dr Lynch continued, saying, 'Invincibility for the whole country and invincibility for you Mr President'. The President asked for more clarification and in reply, Dr Lynch explained about Dr Hagelin's Unified Field theory.

David Lynch then introduced Dr Lemoine as the National Leader of the Global Country of World Peace for France. Dr Lemoine informed President Sarkozy that the 1000 Yogic Flyers required to make France invincible had already been trained and that with these experts, invincibility could be created immediately.

David Lynch then repeated his desire that France should be invincible. Both gentlemen then stood and shook hands, while Dr Lynch said, 'Mr President, I would like to see you as ruler of invincible France. Help Dominique to raise France to invincibility. You should create it because these people who know the technology of invincibility want to have a permanent profession'. Dr Lynch explained that these specially trained people could be asked to come to one place and create invincibility for France, as employees of the government. He told the President that Dominique Lemoine had trained Yogic Flyers for many years, describing it as a mental technique for control of gravity through the thought process. (read more)

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