Up Maharishi Garden Village in England is blossoming Slideshow

7 April 2008

Dr Peter Warburton, Raja of Great Britain for the Global Country of World Peace, has been speaking recently on Maharishi's Global Family Chat about the beautiful developments at the Maharishi Sthapatya Veda community or Peace Colony in Rendlesham, Suffolk, England—known as Maharishi Garden Village. The community is about 70 miles northeast of London, and is one of the largest Vastu community projects in the world.

Raja Peter said that 'all their projects are taking on a new life and we feel that Maharishi's blessings are coming up everywhere. Great new opportunities are coming available.'

The leaders of the project have been John Renwick, the planner and also a Sthapatya Veda consultant; the project coordinator, Richard Johnson who is also the National Director of the Transcendental Meditation Programme in England; and Jeanie Livesley, the developer for the project.

'So far, 27 of the 31 homes have been completed,' Raja Peter said. The homes are of various sizes with three, four, and five bedrooms; and are all built according to the principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, but done in a traditional British style that blends in with surrounding homes in the area.

Raja Peter also showed slides of the new apartment buildings, one of which has just been completed. 'It is called Mulberry Lodge and it's a beautiful Sthapatya Veda apartment block designed in the local Suffolk style and painted in beautiful colours.’

Raja Peter explained that four of these apartment blocks will be completed in the coming months. On one side of the apartments there are balconies overlooking the Maharishi Peace Palace, which will be behind these buildings facing east, and set in a beautiful landscaped garden with trees. (read more)


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