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  04-UK-GrPBijauri.jpg - The British group at the monument marking the center of India. They reported that their experiences in the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi programme were enriched by the deep, spiritual atmosphere of the beautiful campus and from witnessing daily Vedic performances by the Maharishi Pandits.  One individual declared the trip ??a pinnacle of life experiences.?.  Another said, ?on returning to England I realized there had been a major transformation of the mind and physiology, and profound effects in the qualities of the heart.?They appreciated the comfort of their rooms and the gracious, helpful staff in the western style residences.  

15 October 2012
A British group of Yogic Flyers at India's central point, where the Global Capital of World Peace has been established as the home of 2,500 Maharishi Vedic Pandits. The group praised the gracious, helpful staff and the comfort of their western style accommodations, and also appreciated the deep, spiritual atmosphere of the beautiful campus. One individual declared the trip, 'a pinnacle of life experiences'.
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