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  35-Total-Knowledge.jpg - Dr Warburton highlights features of a rare, complete encyclopedia of Maharishi?s knowledge collected in chart form. Dr E. M. Burnbaum, head of Maharishi European Sidhaland?s Board of Governors, said that it is ?a great course, unmissable?it nourishes both the intellect and experiences in meditation?.  Another participant said, ?well-presented and lively course, full of kindness and good humour?supreme knowledge and great insights unavailable elsewhere? an additional comment, ?a good dose of brain gymnastics??Dr Warburton also travelled to Italy and gave a presentation of his course to an interested and lively group in the Hotel Costello near Bologna.  

15 October 2012
Dr Warburton highlights features of a rare, complete encyclopaedia of Maharishi's knowledge collected in chart form in the Total Knowledge Course. The course, developed under the guidance of Maharishi, delineates topics such as Veda and the human physiology, the emergence of consciousness from the whole universe, and the unification of creation.
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