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17 January 2013

A lovely, light-filled Maharishi Vastu eco-home has recently been completed in Australia. Sitting on five acres of semi-tropical rainforest, the site was chosen for its climate as well as the flora and fauna. There are many species of protected native orchids, tree ferns, and grass trees, and the beautiful influence of over 100 species of birds on the property. The owners took on the challenge of not only enjoying but honouring and preserving the natural environment.

As both the owners have a strong background in art and design, they found it natural to be intimately involved in designing the house and its many details, including the front doors, the porch detail features, the kitchen cabinetry. They even got involved in some of the construction process! Of course, this is not necessary for anyone who does not have the time or inclination, but it can be very fulfilling to those who enjoy this aspect of the design/build process. And, being a part of creating a perfect Vastu structure is very expansive and evolutionary.

The owners write that the home 'has a...transparent feeling with light penetrating at every angle. It is pristine and modern, but evokes timelessness and grandeur... Building a Maharishi Vastu house requires attention and commitment, but the reward is beyond quantification. When our friends joined us on our moving-in day, the feeling was sublime; we realized that our modest home was like a celestial palace and the feeling has continued...

'Everywhere there are portals to view and revel in nature. The open-plan design allows free air flow, vital in our tropical climate. We have wide eaves that protect from the summer sun and the wet season's heavy rains, and a beautiful clerestory (towering above the central Brahmasthan*), which, through clear plate and slatted windows, brings in beams of light and rainbows at various times of day.' (read more)


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