Up Germany: Inauguration of first Maharishi Peace Palace in Europe Slideshow

8 November 2012

On 24 October, the first Maharishi Peace Palace to be built in Europe was inaugurated in Erfurt, Germany. One hundred twenty people from all over Germany gathered in Erfurt, near the centre of the country, for the historic inaugural ceremonies.

The Maharishi Peace Palace is the new home of Transcendental Meditation and related programmes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the region. It is designed to be a centre radiating coherence, harmony, and peace to the whole surrounding area.

The building is unique not only in its purpose but in having been built according to principles of Maharishi Vastu (Vedic architecture).

Dr Eckart Stein, director of the Maharishi Peace Palace and one of the project leaders for its construction, reported live from the celebration, commenting on 'the waves of bliss which are emanating from here'.

In the audience in the grand central meeting hall of the beautiful, newly completed structure were many honoured guests and distinguished members of the Transcendental Meditation organization in Germany, including Prince Nikolaus Blücher and Princess Ulla Blücher; Lt. Col. (Ret.) Gunter Chassé; Dr Emanuel Schiffgens; and Dr Eike Hartmann, Minister of Architecture of the Global Country of World Peace, who came from MERU, Netherlands for the inauguration.

Construction on the Maharishi Peace Palace began a year ago in October 2011. Dr Stein recounted the first inception of the project in 2004, when Maharishi unfolded his plan to build 3,000 Peace Palaces in major cities around the world, saying that if a few people in each area came together and began to focus on the project, it would be realized. Dr Stein recognized many of those present who had contributed substantially to the realization of the Maharishi Peace Palace, including other project leaders Lila Maria Stein, Martina Bergmann, and Christiane Schuhmann; and Dr Christian Schweizer, the building's architect—'who went ahead, and now after one year, it is inaugurated'. (read more)


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