Up Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Improves Soil Fertility Slideshow

1 September 2012

One focus of a landmark course on Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is how to add nutrients and fertility back into degraded, eroded, and barren soil.

The course, which has been offered in nine countries around the world to date, is taught by Dr Peter Swan, an expert in this field. Dr Swan places a conscious emphasis on the recent improvements in gardening, agriculture, and environment, with the central theme of the course being the technology behind Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, which is the technology of Vedic Sound, and how it can be used to solve many of the world's agricultural woes.

Several of the lessons focus on creating soil fertility.

One common way to achieve this is through composting, which effectively transforms waste into nutrients.

The course teaches how to make compost using different methods, but ultimately instructs students that compost is all about balance. Once they find the right balance of food, water, air, temperature, and protection from the elements, creating compost is easy.

This is important because organisms in compost improve the quality of the soil. Dr Swan shows a few 'before-and-after' pictures to illustrate this point. One 'before' picture is of a patch of lawn overgrown with weeds, but after applying compost, the grass grows back at full force, thus naturally crowding out the weeds. (read more)


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