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29 July 2013

In Nepal, five schools are in the process of integrating Transcendental Meditation and introducing Consciousness-Based Education into their educational systems.

At two of the schools, each with hundreds of students, all the students and faculty have learned Transcendental Meditation. At four out of the five schools, two faculty members are becoming certified teachers of Transcendental Meditation. These teachers will soon be teaching students and faculty the meditation technique, which scientific research has shown to be uniquely effective in reducing stress, improving learning ability, and promoting integrated brain functioning. In addition, the school has sent teachers to the Consciousness-Based Education Leadership Training Programme in the Netherlands, so they can incorporate Consciousness-Based Education when they return.

The director of a fourth school, a military academy in Nepal, is also interested in both Transcendental Meditation and Consciousness-Based Education, and has sent two teachers to the Consciousness-Based Education training programme, and two to the Transcendental Meditation teacher training course.

'We are very excited about the prospects when the teachers return and the administrators return from being trained in Consciousness-Based Education, to have a really complete team that will implement Consciousness-Based Education in this military high school,' said an administrator for the project.

The school is one of the top in the country, he said, and has a larger student population than other schools that have begun implementing Consciousness-Based Education. When a sufficient number of students and faculty have learned Transcendental Meditation, their daily group meditations at the academy will have the potential to create an influence of coherence and harmony for the whole society, another of the effects of Transcendental Meditation supported by extensive scientific research. (read more)


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