Up Nepal: Conferences present Maharishi's technologies of consciousness for cultural integrity and peace Slideshow

by Global Good News staff writer
4 February 2012

Two international conferences of great significance for Nepal were held recently in the capital city of that country, Kathmandu—one on national security and world peace, the other on fulfilling the goals of religion and culture.

The conferences presented scientifically validated Vedic technologies of consciousness developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to promote integrated national consciousness, strengthen cultural integrity, and create an ideal society living in peace, harmony, and prosperity.

The conferences were held in December under the auspices of Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation. Featured speakers included members of an international delegation of the Global Country of World Peace which came to Nepal to participate.

Central to the organization and success of these conferences was Deepak Baskota, Chairman of Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation. Dr Baskota is former Home Minister of Nepal and the founder of the first certified organic tea gardens in Nepal.

The first conference was titled: Fulfilling the goals of religion and culture: The development of consciousness for an ideal society. The conference was honoured by the participation of its chief guest, the Honourable Lokendra Bahadur Chand, former Prime Minister and member of the Constituent Assembly. Many religious leaders and other dignitaries attended. (read more)


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