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29 July 2013

A delegation from Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation, which makes available the Transcendental Meditation programme and related educational programmes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the country, recently paid a visit to the United States. There they met with award-winning film director and philanthropist David Lynch and also hosted a renowned Vedic scholar from Nepal.

In Los Angeles, the delegation visited with Mr Lynch, who is Founder of the David Lynch Foundation. The foundation has generously supported Maharishi's programmes in Nepal and in countries around the world.

Mr Lynch was 'very happy to . . . hear a report on all the developments of the Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation', a member of the delegation said.

After visiting California, the delegation went on to Iowa, where they hosted Pandit Arjun Prasad Bastola at the Maharishi University of Management campus in Fairfield. Pandit Bastola is one of the most prominent Vedic Pandits in Nepal and a foremost expert in the Vedas. He is known and esteemed throughout Nepal and in other countries as well.

Pandit Bastola has expressed respect for the complete understanding of Veda brought to light by Maharishi. 'Veda is not for translating; Veda is for transforming,' he commented. He also enjoyed a demonstration of the Model of Vedic Physiology, developed under Maharishi's guidance, reflecting the transformation of the physiology through the sounds of the Veda. While visiting MUM Pandit Bastola also met with Nepali students at the university.

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