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14 February 2013

One hundred fifty participants from 13 countries convened for the Third Annual Middle East World Peace Assembly, 11-19 January in Antalya, Turkey.

The participants were all advanced meditators who practised Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying, together every day. This technology of consciousness, introduced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, has been shown repeatedly through published scientific research to reduce social stress, violence, and conflict, and to create coherence and harmony in society.

Special international guests at the assembly included Dr Tony Nader, MD, PhD, honoured by Maharishi as leader of the Global Country of World Peace (Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam). The Global Country of World Peace administers the teaching of Maharishi's programmes around the world. Dr Nader is a neuroscientist who correlated each aspect of the Vedic Literature to a specific area of physiology, and concluded in his first book that human physiology is the expression of Veda and Vedic Literature.

The assembly featured a seminar on Ramayan in Human Physiology, conducted by Dr Nader, based on his second book of that title.

Another special guest was Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, who gave presentations about the rising success of Maharishi's programmes in many countries around the world.

The venue for the assembly was a beautiful five-star resort between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. (read more)


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