United Kingdom basking in an era of positive growth


11 April 2014

Dr Peter Warburton, Chairman of the Maharishi Foundation UK, said the recent BBC news headline, ‘Crime in England and Wales down 10%, survey shows’ is an example of a trend of time changing for the better. Although the media cannot explain it, it was predicted by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that in cities and towns throughout the world where as little as one per cent of the population regularly practise Transcendental Meditation, the trend of rising crime rate would be reversed, indicating increasing order and harmony in society. Figures show that crime levels in Wales and England are the lowest now since they started keeping records over 30 years ago.

The economy in the United Kingdom is showing strong growth in the manufacturing sector, and has received an International Monetary Fund (IMF) upgrade. Reuters recently reported, ‘Britain got a double boost on Tuesday as its recovery from recession gathered momentum and the International Monetary Fund raised the country's growth forecasts more than for any other major economy’.

An article in the American newspaper, Liberty Voice, examined the coherence-creating effect of group meditation in Merseyside, England, detailing how it was not only able to reduce crime rate, but also saved millions of dollars.

A time series analysis was used to evaluate reduction in crime. During periods when a group slightly larger than the square root of one per cent of the population practised advanced programmes of Transcendental Meditation, monthly data showed a 13.4 per cent drop in crime. This was very significant in contrast to the national crime rate, which had actually increased by 45 per cent. (read more)


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