Up Maharishi's Programmes in Holland

29 January 2010

As in many countries, Transcendental Meditation is becoming increasingly 'mainstream' in the Netherlands—an expression of rising invincibility in the nation, said Dr Paul Gelderloos, seen in growing public appreciation for the valuable contributions of meditation to many areas of life, including business and health.

Dr Gelderloos, who is National Director of the Global Country of World Peace in Holland, commented recently on this trend. 'Fortunately now Holland has been invincible for nearly three years,'* he said, and so 'we have a very fertile environment. We are finding there is now much more openness to Maharishi's knowledge, and that the collective consciousness of the country reflects more interest in such things as meditation. In Holland, one out of every three adults says he is a spiritual person.'

Dr Gelderloos and Dr Robert Keith Wallace, a pioneering researcher on Transcendental Meditation, recently toured several universities in the Netherlands and found scientists to be very receptive to their presentations on Transcendental Meditation.

Dr Gelderloos has now acquired and developed secondary schools named Winfort School of Excellence. He was invited by the facultyof these universities to tell them about his motivation and his interest in education. His presentation on Consciousness-Based Education and Transcendental Meditation was very well received and faculty are now learning the Transcendental Meditation Programme. (read more)

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