Up Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture course highlights dramatic soil degradation Slideshow

1 September 2012

A course offered recently on Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Institute so thoroughly covered the topic of agriculture that it delved deeply into billions of years of history in order to fully explain soil formation and the state of the world's soils today.

The course is titled 'Maharishi Vedic Science in Agriculture and Environment: Key to Personal Enlightenment, Global Affluence, and Sustainability', and the first lessons focus on the development of agriculture and the environment, as well as the historic and current state of the earth's soils.

The developer of the course, Dr Peter Swan, who has taught it around the world, explained that when studying the environment, he believes it is good to have the background of where that environment came from. This is the reason for the topic of Lesson One.

To that end, the course gives a glimpse of the formation of the universe, before focusing on the formation of the Earth about 4.6 billion years ago. Around 3.4 billion years ago the first cell, the first life on earth, appears. Towards the end of the timeline, the first fungi and plants emerge.

Continuing on the timeline, Dr Swan points out the first multicellular organisms, then hard-shelled animals, dinosaurs, and land plants. Finally, with the development of land plants around 450 million years ago, we see the formation of soil. (read more)


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