Up Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture: Easy care methods for home, garden, field Slideshow

1 September 2012

Though it tackles large-scale agricultural and environmental issues, a popular course on Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture also focuses on home gardening.

The creator and instructor of the course, Dr Peter Swan, himself an expert in sustainable agriculture and gardening, teaches many new techniques for gardening without soil fertility loss, without digging, and without weeding.

Students look at square foot gardening, a sustainable gardening classic book by John Jeavons, How to Grow More Vegetables, and permaculture.

Students also learn more about Ruth Stout's no-dig, no-work method, which recommends keeping a thick mulch of vegetable matter on the garden beds at all times. Ms Stout did so and it kept the soil so moist, she didn't have to water it once in thirty-five years. This method involves no digging, no watering, and no weeding.

Dr Swan explains that the basics of no-dig gardening are similar to those of no-till agriculture. In both cases there is no digging. Instead, for soil preparation, farmers and gardeners just use compost and mulch on the surface. (read more)


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